Fantasy World Batangas Castle

This beautiful castle inside the Fantasy World is situated in the municipality of Lemery, province of Batangas. I used to see this beautiful scenery whenever I'm going to my in-laws place at Taal, Batangas. We usually stop here for a while just beside the highway to take photos and feel the cold and fresh air.
Fantasy World near Tagaytay
I was very eager to see what’s really inside the castle and thinking all about the fairy tale’s stories like Cinderella. :-) Few years back, the management has only allowed the members to enter here particularly the people who bought the condo units located inside the Fantasy World. Luckily, my Auntie has owned one of the Condo units there so we borrowed her membership card and we entered the place which my daughter and I have been dreaming of. But if you don’t have the membership card, you can also enter the place by paying the 1000.00 pesos entrance fee (maximum of ten persons). The place was very quiet and there were only few people and visitors the time we were there. We also visited their clubhouse and I really liked the ambiance there! The rides were not yet operating and that was kind of my disappointment. Well, I’m not quite a bit fascinated, well maybe because until now that Fantasy world is not yet fully developed. Nonetheless, the view of the Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake will surely fulfill your day!
Fantasy World Tree house
Fantasy World

Photos inside the Fantasy world using an iPhone
castle in fantasy worldcastle in fantasy world bottom view
side castle in fantasy world
When you are at Fantasy World, here are the awesome views.
Fantasy World Tagaytay viewFantasy World Tagaytay viewFantasy World Tagaytay view
The beautiful Taal Volcano


Cecile said...

pretty castle :-), its been years since I visited Taal, so this fantasy world is new! i would like to see it when we get the chance to go visit Philippines again, thanks for posting it:-), Fhaye

iceah said...

wow! you have amazing photos c: you are good and I know that your camera is good too from your shots c:

can I feature this photos in my other blog and link it back to you ? c: thanx in advance c: my other blog is


Arnie :) said...

thanks for visiting. sure x links.

Manz said...

Amazing. I want to hang out in one of the tree house for a day!

☆Willa☆ said...

ganda naman nyang grabeh, hopefully i can visit the place kapag nagbakasyon kami. sobrang ganda at ang galing ng pagka shot mo. :)

Lantaw said...

Parang hinde sa pinas. Ganda!

Vera said...

I love how the colors popped out. :) So what's in Fantasy World?

Tammie Lee said...

This is amazingly wonderful! Thank you for sharing these photos!

fredsmilek said...

Looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

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Jade said...

Wow it's really really nice. I have never heard of this before...I'll try to visit it when I find the time.

I agree with fredmilek ...it truly looks like from a fairy tale

zas said...

A year ago we pass through this beautiful place i saw only the pick of the said castle without any idea how beautiful really it is. wow i cant wait to visit that place again and do some meditations since you said its quite.. hehe thanks for posting this things that really inspired me.. God Bless you PO..:)